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About Us

The Golfview Hospitality

Unequaled, unparalleled hospitality. Founded in 2014. we strive to provide exceptional experiences for our guests while providing an excellent work environment for our staff as well as generating outstanding results using industry best practices.

Excellent Services

Offers cutting edge comprehensive
rangeof services and experiences,tailor made tocater to socials, academics and business/corporate executives .

Business Philosophy

Golfview hospitality is managed by aneffective and dedicated team ofprofessionals with a passion for excellence.


We understand that successful corporationsare built around people who function as a loyalteam. Our employees share in the commonvision of our company’s ideals. We equip themto plan and participate in the successfulimplementation of the idea behind thebusiness. With our open-door policy, we havesuccessfully created a two-way communicationsystem, delegation, and empowerment,coupled with high but realistic performancestandards to generate maximum productivity.