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Golfview Suites & Conference Centre is a boutique luxury hotel in Ikeja GRA, Lagos. It is tastefully and stylishly furnished with modern and contemporary designs. We are the only Golf Hotel in Lagos.

Ikeja GRA is a Highbrow area in Ikeja Local Government, Lagos. The area is a residential area and home to a lot of high-class people in Lagos state. It also has a lot of activities going on within its vicinity and is very close to major landmarks in Lagos like the Muritala International Airport and two local airports, Ikeja City Mall and Opic plaza.

Places to visit when you stay with GolfView hotel in Ikeja GRA There are many attractions around GolfView hotel in Ikeja GRA such as the popular Police College Ikeja, which is situated in Ikeja GRA. Isaac John street is also another famous and popular attraction in the area.

There are some great bars, nightclubs, and restaurants found in Ikeja GRA. You can find KFC, domino pizza, Jevinik, Phebees Restaurant – GolfView Hotel, The Place and other eateries in this area. GolfView hotel in Ikeja GRA is a wonderful place to relax and unwind because of these popular attractions surrounding the Golf hotel. The famous Ikeja Golf Club is also situated opposite the hotel and its a very fantastic place to visit.

Transportation from GolfView Hotel in Ikeja GRA Moving around from GolfView hotel in Ikeja Gra is very easy, You can just take a taxi which is very cheap depending on your destination, and there are various public buses that can be found in different bus stops and routes in Ikeja GRA.

We offer 52 exclusive and affordable luxury rooms, apartments and suites to our distinguished guests.

We offer free fast WIFI and complimentary breakfast for one to all our guests.

Our Hotel is renowned for its convenient and strategic location in Lagos, Nigeria. We are located about five minutes from the local airport, MM1 and MM2 and approximately ten minutes from Murtala Mohammed International Airport.

We have great facilities and services that will make your stays enjoyable such as the conference center, gym, pool, spa, rooftop VIP pavilion, Phebe's restaurant & bar, room service, porter or bell boy services, concierge services, and outdoor catering services.


GolfView and suites are more than spreading optimism, more than a hotel, we build the best product, use business to inspire and implement solutions for our environment. GVH & Suite seeks to promote, create a healthier lifestyle as we strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity.

From its inception, the employees of GVH & Suites have taken pride in conducting our global business in a manner of high ethics with strict adherence to the laws and regulations of all the countries in which we do business. Read more…OUR MISSION

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